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Psychological services for internationally adopted children
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The Book
by Dr. Gindis

Rehabilitation and Remediation of
Internationally Adopted

This book presents specific methods for the physical rehabilitation, mental health restoration, and academic remediation of post-institutionalized international adoptees. The focus of the book is on the neurological, psychological, and educational consequences of complex childhood trauma in the context of a fundamental change in the social situation of development of former orphanage residents. A discussion of after-adoption traumatic experiences includes a critique of certain “conventional” approaches to the treatment of mental health issues and different disabilities in international adoptees. Using his 30-year background in research and clinical practice, the author expertly describes and analyses a range of methodologies in order to provide an integrated and practical system of “scaffolding” and “compensation” for the successful rehabilitation and remediation of children with ongoing traumatic experiences. This is essential reading for researchers and practicing clinicians concerned with childhood trauma, remedial education, and issues of international adoption.

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The Book by Dr. Gindis

Child Development
Mediated by Trauma:
The Dark Side of International Adoption

Bringing up and educating the internationally adopted children is a formidable task.
How to deal with their developmental delays, emotional vulnerability, "mixed maturity," cumulative cognitive deficit, and other challenges? This book is filled with insights, rarely found in many overly optimistic publications on international adoption. Based on clinical experience and written for professionals and parents alike, this book poses the questions and gives answers on many unavoidable issues of a traumatized child.

The New Book
by Dr. Gindis and Dr. Lidz

Developing a Foundation for Learning with Iinternationally Adopted Cchildren

Family-Based Activities for Remedial Learning and Attachment

This practice-focused guide introduces The SmartStart Too/box as a remedial program to help mental health professionals and adoptive parents promote the educational and social development of internationally adopted children aged 4— 8. This text will benefit researchers in child psychology, as well as clinicians, family therapists, social workers, and educators with an interest in child development, cognitive and language enhancement, and adoption and fostering more broadly. Adoptive parents will also benefit from this book and its focus on themes of attachment, parenting, and the development of social cognition.



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